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Buffalo Bills will be on every channel (and nearly every streaming service) in 2022

You’ll need a TV Guide for how much the Bills are moving on the dial

The days of the Bills being fixtures for 1:00 PM Eastern Sunday games on CBS are long over. With a star quarterback transcending the game of football and Super Bowl expectations, not only are the day and start times all over the place, the Bills are going to be on every channel in 2022. Each of the networks want their piece and if you live outside of WNY, you’ll need to subscribe to some networks.


Week 3 at Miami Dolphins
Week 4 at Baltimore Ravens
Week 5 vs Pittsburgh Steelers
Week 6 at Kansas City Chiefs
Week 9 at New York Jets
Week 11 vs Cleveland Browns
Week 12 at Detroit Lions (Thanksgiving)
Week 14 vs New York Jets
Week 16 at Chicago Bears

The Bills will still find themselves on CBS the most, with just more than half their games on the AFC’s home network. Jim Nantz and Tony Romo are sure to be on the call for several, with some Ian Eagle sprinkled in. Likely gone are the days of Buffalo getting the bottom of the barrel coverage.


Week 1 at Los Angeles Rams (Thursday night)
Week 8 vs Green Bay Packers

The Bills open the season against the Rams and then play on Sunday Night Football in Week 8. Mike Tirico (my personal favorite) will be joined by Cris Collinsworth (my personal not-favorite) in the booth and Melissa Stark on the sideline.


Week 2 vs Tennessee Titans
Week 17 at Cincinnati Bengals (simulcast on ABC)

Two games on ESPN include the Week 17 game simulcast on both ESPN and ABC. The Week 17 game should include a Manningcast option on ESPN, but they haven’t yet announced the weeks Peyton and Eli are taking off. (With three weeks of doubleheaders, maybe the Mannings are doing the other weeks.) Week 2 will just be Steve Levy, Dan Orlovsky, and Laura Rutledge as the sideline reporter.


Week 17 at Cincinnati Bengals (simulcast on ESPN)

The Bills will only get one game with Joe Buck & Troy Aikman in 2022. Use that information how you’d like. This game will be simulcast on ESPN and hopefully that will be a Manningcast on that network.


Week 10 vs Minnesota Vikings

Only one game on FOX with the Bills’ game against the Packers moved to Sunday night on NBC. The top FOX team will 100% be on the Dallas Cowboys vs Packers late afternoon game that day, so the Bills will be down the announce team ladder. That could mean Adam Amin and Mark Schlereth or Kenny Albert and Jonathan Vilma or even Chris Myers and Daryl Johnston as the FOX order has been shaken up by the departure of Buck & Aikman.

Prime Video

Week 13 at New England Patriots

Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit kick off the Thursday Night Football coverage on the streaming giant. If you’re in Western New York or the Boston area, you’ll get it on over-the-air television, but everywhere else will need a Prime Video subscription, so plan ahead.


Week 15 vs Miami Dolphins
Week 18 vs New England Patriots

These two games are flex options, so it’s unclear which day and time they are being broadcast. As a result, we also don’t know the network. The only thing we can rule out at this point is a return to Prime Video. The Week 18 game could be on ABC, CBS, ESPN, FOX, or NBC with the Saturday playoff-prep doubleheader and the game windows on Sunday. Week 15 has fewer options, with only FOX and CBS having Saturday slots. In Week 15, it will revert to CBS if they play on Sunday afternoon.

The only network that won’t feature a Bills game is ESPN+. Only one game is on that network this year, as an international game will be streamed by the Worldwide Leader in Sports. The Denver Broncos and Jacksonville Jaguars will play on the streaming service October 30.