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Kyle Brandt’s days-old chicken wing part of ‘WWE’-inspired NFL Draft announcement

Brandon Beane thought it was great

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NFL Network star Kyle Brandt implored Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane not to trade up in the third round of the 2022 NFL Draft. Brandt was live from New York City on Friday morning, then had to fly out to Las Vegas to announce the Bills’ third-round selection in the Draft. He had a small time window to make it work.

Luckily, Beane obliged and didn’t trade up.

Wearing Zubaz pants, a Josh Allen t-shirt, and a one-of-a-kind Bills jacket we’ve been desperately trying to get our hands on since he wore it to hype us up for the AFC Championship game a year ago, Brandt stepped to the podium to announce Baylor linebacker Terrel Bernard.

He mentioned that Bernard was going to be the only third-round pick to win the Super Bowl as a rookie. Afterward, he let out a big “woo” and took a bite of a chicken wing.

Brandt stopped by the set of the NFL Network’s draft coverage to re-live the moment and discuss his biggest prop.

“I bought that wing three days ago in Westchester, New York and it’s been in my pocket for days. That thing went through security. I bit into that thing like a warm gummy bear. It was disgusting and it still tasted great.”

On NFL Network, they immediately showed the Bills’ draft room watching the pick announcement with Beane smiling. He commented on the announcement at his press conference following Day 2.

“It was like a WWE thing,” said Beane, smiling again. “He certainly had all of our attention in the draft room. That’s for sure.”

You can buy your own copy of the “Swoll Josh” t-shirt that Brandt is wearing in the clip by clicking right here. It’s officially licensed by the NFLPA.