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Power-ranking the NFL’s 2022 Week 15 flex games

The NFL schedule release gave the Bills another potential national TV game

The NFL’s schedule release was a few weeks ago, but we still don’t know every Buffalo Bills game on the schedule. In addition to the normal final week’s uncertainty, where the league is allowed to move games all over for playoff implications, the NFL has taken to scheduling five flex games in Week 15 when college football is off. That adds two nationally televised games to the docket in December.

For the third year in a row, Buffalo is one of the ten teams in the five games that could be flexed. In 2020, they were moved to Saturday and clinched the AFC East for the first time in decade on the road against the Denver Broncos. In 2021, they remained on Sunday as a whole rigmarole of COVID-19 outbreaks shifted the entire schedule, including games to Monday and Tuesday, and only one game was played on Saturday.

Here is the list of games happening in Week 15 for 2022, ranked in order of most likely to be moved to least likely to be moved.

1. Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns

Deshaun Watson is likely to be available for this game either after serving his suspension or as they wait for the legal process to play out into next offseason. Between Watson and Lamar Jackson, there will be plenty of QB power in this game to make it attractive and there could (should?) be considerable playoff implications on the line in the AFC North.

2. New York Giants at Washington Commanders

Two of the biggest markets in the NFL automatically moves this one toward the top. The only way this game isn’t national is if the Giants are absolutely imploding during the season. There’s a strong possibility there, but NY and the NFC East always seem to be on national TV. Even if one of the teams aren’t very good, it hasn’t stopped the NFL from moving the game to Saturday as long as one is doing well.

3. Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills

To me, this says more about the Dolphins than the Bills. I do not expect Tua and Miami to take a huge step in 2022. With Miami as a .500 team, even Buffalo’s huge TV ratings won’t be enough to move them higher than the NFC East game. I think it’s better than 50-50 that this game is moved to Saturday, and I’d bet on it.

4. Indianapolis Colts at Minnesota Vikings

The Colts should be in the AFC South race at this point, if not leading the division. They have the intriguing storyline of Matt Ryan and a solid team around him. The Vikings are the opposite of stable, but at least they have a mediocre starting quarterback and should be at minimum in the hunt for a Wild Card spot, right?

5. Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints

Who knows, man? The Saints are a .500 team and the Falcons are worse. Who is going to be at QB for the Falcons by this point in the season? The NFC South stinks outside the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, so maybe their records will be a’ight. I just don’t see anything in this game that makes me think it will be featured.