NFL Musings and Observations (So, what now?)

As football fans, and you all are if you’re reading this fanpost we always wonder what now? We build up to Free Agency and then boom the Draft as we cheer and jeer the kicks based on apparently being Miss Chloe and seeing into the future. Well I’m here to tell you some recap thoughts and say what now. It’s an odd phrase, "what now?" It’s often used when a problem is extended and people don’t have a solution. Person is fired from the job? Divorce? Getting a promotion but not really knowing what the job entails. Getting that date with the person you’ve been trying to have one with for months. What now? For football teams they need to be honest with themselves.

1. All teams will say they got who they wanted, no one is going to be like. You know, we settled. We settled badly. It’s like saying you settled for the car, the job. Few admit it but as I think of my Kia Sportage, it was the best I could do at the time. But this is where the honesty comes in. Did the team handle the cap well? That’s budgeting for the car.

2.Did the teams have good research? Trust their scouts, process, etc. this is the same as not looking at multiple sites watching YouTube videos from mechanics. Reading up on Kelly Blue Book for the car.

3. Did they get what they needed instead of wanted? It’s fun getting the shiny thing, I’ll admit it. Did teams get the shiny WR who was the 6th or 7th on the board when they could of had the best Interior Lineman who would protect the QB? I know everyone wants that sexy car, but you have three kids get the SUV. Some people are struggling for rent, nothing wrong with that but why would you buy a truck when you don’t need it if you’re struggling with the rent?

4. Were they aggressive for their goals? If they want a player, believe in a player go and get the player. This is why I wasn’t upset with the Elam trade. Better to go and get the player you want rather than just wait and then get someone you don’t want. If I want a car or buy a house and I want it, the price is reasonable I’m going to go and try and get what it want. I have never said, wow, I wish I didn’t spend the extra 500 bucks on this house if I wanted it. If you want it, go and get it.

5. Do they feel confident? Every team needs to look back and think are we confident in what and how we accomplish the draft. The Bills can say I believe with confidence we got what we wanted. This is the biggest step, reflect and give honest feedback. Did the team feel that everything was done correctly or to the best of their ability. Yea, they could of wanted to trade up but if you can’t find a dance partner than you’re dancing alone. When I buy a car, I look back and think did I do it as good as I could? If so, good if not I learn and remember.

Bills thoughts:

1. In the draft video where Elam pulled out his notes stick a fork in it, he was going to be a Bills player. What I saw there was a young man who was wise beyond his years. Coach McD coach barely contain his clapping as he saw who he wanted. Beane watching the time I believe saw a CB with the talent but needed to be coached.! I’m loving this selection.

2. Khalil Shakir is a good player but can we stop with the he’s a steal. I think he will fit into the Bills system and I hope he is a great player. But players that fall to the 5th round do so because of reasons. I think he is a very good 5th round pick and maybe even a 4th round pick but I don’t like saying steak for the back half of the draft. There are reasons why they go where they go.

3. Who should be in the hot seat? Really it’s wherever they drafted but notice the Bills didn’t draft competition this year. Elam has the inside track due to him being talented and a gaping hole at CB. But everyone else is really a complimentary piece of fighting for a job. This is where good drafts stacked causes foresight for the future.

NFL Thoughts:

1. Worse draft: Green Bay! Look, I get it you do what you want to feel good. But why not be aggressive and get your aging QB an immediate weapon with high end talent at WR? Why be stubborn and think of glory days by drafting a MLB when you have such a gaping hole at WR? It’s like the Packers just want to stay in their safe space.

2. Baker Mayfield wasn’t traded. That shows exactly how much people believe in Baker. A franchise rather take a QB who is alleged to have sexually assaulted 22 woman over a QB who does a lot of Progressive Commercials. What is telling is that his play last year hurt his chances but it’s more than that. The league knows who Baker is, they don’t want the drama and extra stuff.

3. Seahawks are all in on the tank. I love it, they know they can’t win now. So they trot out Geno Smith or Drew Lock and hope for the best? Nah, they want to be a 3-4 win team and draft high next year. At least they know they’re going to suck.

4. Kenny Pickett’s hands will be mentioned the first cold weather game in Pittsburgh, I’m looking forward to the memes.

5. Best Draft: New York Jets and I’m shocked they were able to look competent but I said before, Joe Douglas knows his job.

I’m still in Africa but hopefully home soon.

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