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2022 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills OT Luke Tenuta injury analysis

Very few injury concerns for the swing tackle

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 25 Richmond at Virginia Tech Photo by Lee Coleman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Focusing on offensive line depth, the Buffalo Bills selected Virginia Tech offensive lineman Luke Tenuta with pick 209 in the sixth round last Saturday afternoon.

A two-year starter, Tenuta comes to Buffalo likely as a developmental player and with potential as a swing tackle, having played both sides throughout his collegiate career. According to his bio, he also saw some time in jumbo formations as a tackle-eligible player.

As with most players, Tenuta did have some injuries during his time in college, but he was overall durable, appearing in 34 contests over three seasons.

Below is Luke Tenuta’s publicly reported injury history.

Luke Tenuta Injury History

2020 - COVID-19 - Missed two games (UNC, Boston College) due to “COVID-related issues” according to reports.

2021 - Lower-body injury - Tenuta missed one game (Georgia Tech) due to a lower-body injury, side not specified.

Bills Injury Impact

Fortunately, there isn’t much to Tenuta’s injury history. COVID has affected many players’ participation and performance over the past two years. The hope now is that it continues to reduce its footprint on society.

Addressing his lower-body injury, there isn’t a lot of information available. Available reports only state lower-body without alternative sources getting more specific.

Looking at the game film doesn’t make things easier either. In the game footage, the 43:50 mark appears to be the last play that Tenuta plays against Syracuse. He picks up his block initially and then as the play ends, the defender falls around his right leg but Tenuta never falls down or appears to be bothered by the contact. Based on the footage, it’s possible he suffered a right leg injury but to further identify what the injury was, it’s difficult to say.

Overall, Tenuta doesn’t really have any injury concerns as he heads to the NFL. He could be a nice project player who brings versatility to the o-line room. He doesn’t have an easy path to the roster but considering he is a lineman and a draft pick—as long as he stays healthy, he has a greater chance than some other players.