CB: What are the Bills doing to start the '22 season???

I love the Bills, and that can only mean that in Brandon Beane I Trust. But... at the CB position, I have to scratch my head. Tre White, the Pro Bowler, is on the mend and we can't wait until he suits up and holds down a starter position. On the other side, we have the rook, Kaiir Elam, who can start along side of White for years to come. But, let's be honest, the Bills aren't going to want to start the season relying on either of those guys. So... where does that leave things to start the season? Good news is we have Taron in the slot. If White can't go, we have Dane Jackson as the next man up. If Elam isn't ready to start the season, the Bills can run Neal out there? While the experts at Buffalo Rumblings will state that the Bills have "3 starters" in White, Elam, and Jackson, we're talking about one who is coming off of a serious injury, a 7th round pick with a bit of playing time in '21, and a first round pick who will carry around a binder on NFL receivers but still remains unproven. Behind them, there is a 6th round pick (you may be thinking Wildgoose, but that was last year. This year, it's Benford), Cam Lewis (for what seems like the 10th season on the fringe), and supposedly great talents in Griffin and McCloud. Is this really the plan to start the season off against the Kupp, Robinson, and Jefferson??

The plan doesn't make sense to me. Instead of trying to stash a sixth round pick on the PS again this year, and roll the dice with two very young CBs, I suggest that Beane signs a vet CB (Haden) and trade Jackson for a future draft pick (hopefully a 5th). CBs have trade value and Benford, Lewis and McCloud cannot indefinitely be stashed on a PS. If Jackson were such a sure thing, the Bills wouldn't have drafted 2 CBs.

I'm no Beane, but I might be the next closest thing to it.

It's time to fix the CB situation before the preseason starts.

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