Bill's success: Daboll or McDermott?

On PFT, they listed the top 10 coaches favored to win coach of the year in 2022. Surprising to me, McDermott wasn't on that list. So, I looked it up. When compared to other odds, the Bills and Josh and a guy named Daboll are getting a lot of respect. McDermott not so much.

They are just betting futures, but it does beg the question, which coach was most responsible for the success of the Bills during the last 3 years: Daboll or McDermott? The odds appear to say "Daboll". Which is no surprise in that Daboll is the one credited with turning Josh into an elite starting quarterback.

But then you might ask that if Daboll was the driving force for the Bills success, should fans be prepared for a step back in 2022? And here the odds seem to say nope, no step back. Josh doesn't need Daboll any more.

Of course, I'm reading in way too much to what odds offer as insight, but hey, it's the offseason!

For perspective, I focused on the AFC East.

AFC East Odds

Bills -190

Dolphins +400

Pats +400

Jets +1800

SB Odds

#1. Bills +650

#17. Dolphins +3700

#20. Pats +4100

#29. Jets +12,600

MVP Odds

#1. Allen +700

#20. Jones +5000

#28. Tua +8000

#42. Wilson +15000

Coach of the year Odds

(#2. Daboll +1400)

#5. McDaniels +1600

#13. Belichick +2200

#20(tied). McDermott +2800

Saleh +2800

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