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Is Gabe Davis primed to be fantasy football’s next Chris Godwin?

Will you be drafting the Bills receiver in fantasy this season?

With the heat of summer at our doorsteps, the 2022 NFL season and fantasy football mania draws near. But is it safe to measure any player’s previous output against their future fantasy potential? Some have earned those reputations, while others may have just begun trending toward potentially elite. Earning bragging rights among your group of friends can make you year, even if your favorite team isn’t doing so hot.

With Buffalo Bills wide receiver Gabriel Davis entering his third season, fantasy football and NFL analyst Mike Clay says that Davis could be on the path to fantasy stardom even if he’s not the best receiver for Buffalo.

One of the points made is that even though the Bills have a WR1 in Stefon Diggs, Davis will still see a lot of targets as the team’s second option. With Diggs drawing the focus of opposing defenses, there should be plenty of one-on-one matchups for Davis to exploit to his advantage. We saw this in the divisional game last year where Davis had eight catches for 201 yards and four touchdowns compared to Diggs—who had three catches for seven yards.

You have to remember that last season, Emmanuel Sanders took a lot of snaps away from Davis. Davis still had a solid regular season with 35 catches on 63 targets and six touchdowns, but it’s expected those numbers will go up in the 2022 season. Even with the limited action, Davis ranked 22nd last season in the NFL when it came to targets in the red zone. One of the go-to plays is that post/slant to the middle of the field that Josh Allen loves to throw to Davis for six.

When it comes to being Robin to the team’s Batman among the WR group, Davis has a real shot to become one of the best and make fantasy players who roster and play him happy. It may be time to start thinking of fantasy team names to honor this potential stud.