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The Match: recap, results, favorite one-liners, & tweets

The Match finished up on Wednesday night

Capital One’s The Match VI - Brady & Rodgers v Allen & Mahomes Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images for The Match

After falling into an early deficit, the team of Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen were able to rebound and take the lead against Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, but in the end, the old duo beat the younger guys in the 12-hole game dubbed “The Match”.

For a full hole-by-hole recap of how it unfolded, check out this great rundown from Arrowhead Pride. Here are the rules of the contest:

Rules: All four players hit tee shots, with each team continuing from the best ball. The teammate who didn’t hit the tee shot continued with shot 2, and the players alternated shots from there. The team took the individual player’s top score on each hole.

Allen had a chance to force a tie on the final hole with an incredibly long birdie putt that came so incredibly close to going in.

By far, the best part of The Match was the trash talking between all the players that bled over onto Twitter. Even teammates got into each other’s heads a little before teeing off.

Our favorite tweets from off the course

Tweets about golf

On the first hole, Josh Allen hit into the gallery.

Tom Brady shanked one soon after.

Brady goes after Allen, and Allen is ready with the comeback.

Savage by Sir Charles

The line of a putt is from the ball to the hole. You’re supposed to walk around.

Brady’s teammate has etiquette

YPP with the truth bomb,

Just in case you were wondering, Josh Allen was back at OTAs on Thursday