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2021 Best Buffalo Bills values: No. 10—RB Devin Singletary

The running back proved his worth when he took over as the starter

The Buffalo Bills came into 2021 looking to do a running back by committee approach, but by the end of the season, one running back had clearly established himself as the lead dog. That pushed up his value to the team and coupled with his low cash payout, Devin Singletary comes in at tenth on our countdown.

In order to afford big contracts for their talented players, the Bills must also find some diamonds in the rough. Cheap veterans and rookies on their entry contracts have to play a major role on the Buffalo Bills and general manager Brandon Beane has found several.

In the past when we’ve done our listing, we used cap hit to reflect value, but with the cap shenanigans employed by Brandon Beane recently and the improvement of the databases, we’ve switched to yearly cash payments as our metric.

Singletary’s $850,000 was tied for 80th among NFL running backs and third among the Bills’ five running backs. He was in a four-way tie as the 43rd-highest-paid player on the Bills in 2021.

He finished with 188 rushes for 870 yards and seven touchdowns on the ground, and 40 catches for 228 yards and another touchdown through the air. All of his rushing stats put him in the top 20 in the NFL.

In total, he played 60% of the team’s offensive snaps, nearly twice as many as Zack Moss who came in second.

Buffalo Bills 2021 Best Values

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  10. RB Devin Singletary

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