NFL Musings and Observations (Hype and Clickbait)

It’s date night and you got it all figured out. The outfit, you cleaned out your car and you’re ready to go. I myself when I was still dating before I would shower made sure to at least get a little work out in so I felt at my best. The car is cleaned, I mean cleaned! Washed and the inside is vacuumed. Music is picked out, something entertaining but not offensive or controversial. Arrive at the spot to pick up your date and they look stunning for whatever if your fancy. I’m writing this so I will describe my wife. Just absolute big beautiful eyes, perfect blond hair, an outfit that looks classy but gives you a double take and you think of the road sign "Dangerous curves ahead".

Reservations are made and you pull into what you think and have been told is a nice romantic restaurant. Boom! It’s filled with kids yelling, you ask for a gentleman Jack Daniels but they come back with Jack and Coke and have the audacity to say it’s what you ordered. The steak you ordered is still mooing. Yep, what looked to be a good evening has been ruined because the hype was more flat than a 3 year old RC cola. It was all clickbait.

The next day you reach out to your friends and find out that they were a good spot 4 years again and realize the owners kids took over and with that fancy MBA they’re still just a 25 year old who doesn’t know what they don’t know and tan the place into the ground. Thankfully your amazing personality kept the date alive.

Why bring up the hype? The nonsense? Because it’s officially that time of the off-season. Skip Bayless saying he needs to see more from Josh Allen is an example. He doesn’t, he doesn’t believe it but he needs something to talk about and since he can’t talk Cowboys every minute he targeted Allen. We see it with PFF not mentioning McD in terms of best coaches. Why? Clicks and hype. Also, they had Kliff Kingsbury over McD so enough said. How about another idiotic poll. Kellen Moore, the same one that decides to call a QB draw is the second best play caller in the league. Hype and click bait.

So let’s look at the obvious things with the Bills and that’s the hype that surrounds this team. I believe it is deserving because if it weren’t for 13 seconds I believe the Bills win the Super Bowl. That’s not an exaggeration either. They didn’t win but show me where you see the Bills taking a step back? CB? They brought in the CB I wanted. Home run threat from the back field? Yep, edge rusher? Von Miller. O-Coordinator Josh Allen wanted to replace DaBoll? Yep. A WR who is really good at yards after the catch? Crowder. A second TE who can help spread the field? OJ Howard.

So the hype is deserving. But can they handle it is really the question. Josh Allen has been pushed into super stardom but oddly enough from a fans perspective he seems like his attitude hasn’t changed from his time as a rookie. His skills and technique has improved but that attitude and workmen like ability hasn’t changed from what I have read. Von Miller could of stayed in LA, he didn’t he wants to have three Super Bowl rings from three teams and solidify himself in the Mt Rushmore of pass rushers. Tre White you know is chomping at the bit. Diggs is just amazing and a grinder coming out of Maryland. The teams leaders are grinding the rest will follow.

Random Bills Observations:

Bills still haven’t figured out what they want to do with Edmunds and I think they year they will offer him a deal. Is he the best? No, but I believe he is top 12 in the league.

Ed Oliver: He is going to have a year to remember. Oliver will I believe he asked to penetrate much more often and with the additions to the line he will see more one on ones.

Bills are going to run more two TE sets and mix them in with crossers. JA17 is the best cross throwing QB in the league. It’s honestly a stable of the offense. The Bills I believe want to use those two TE were to work the run game a little more but really if they can run a crosser they’re happy.

Crowder is going to have a 80 catch year because someone is going to have to be open with all the weapons.

Random NFL Observations:

The Browns always make every team look better.

Seahawks rank the season for a starting QB.

Russell Wilson doesn’t have as much success as people think but they make the playoffs.

There will be one do dressed up like Urban Myers at every Jags Game.

Daboll abs Schoin need a legit 5 years to turn the Giants around.

Patriots struggle to get to .500 after all is said and done.

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