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2021 Best Buffalo Bills values: No. 8—S Jordan Poyer

It’s hard for a player making that much money to be a great value

The Buffalo Bills have one of the best duos in the NFL at safety. While Micah Hyde earned a contract extension last offseason, bumping his pay for 2021, his running mate’s most recent contract was a couple years ago. Jordan Poyer comes in at number 8 on our list of best values for the Bills, a remarkable accomplishment for someone making as much as Poyer.

In order to afford big contracts for their talented players, the Bills must also find some diamonds in the rough. Cheap veterans, rookies on their entry contracts, and players leveling up have to play a major role on the Buffalo Bills and general manager Brandon Beane has found several.

In the past when we’ve done our listing, we used cap hit to reflect value, but with the cap shenanigans employed by Brandon Beane recently and the improvement of the databases, we’ve switched to yearly cash payments as our metric.

Poyer made less than $7 million in cash in 2021, coming in 17th in the league among safeties and behind Hyde ($10 million) on the Bills. He was the ninth-highest-paid player on the Bills in 2021.

So how can a player making that much money be a great value? Poyer was named First-Team All-Pro in 2021. He finished with five interceptions (T-fourth in NFL), three sacks (T-second among DBs), nine passes defended, and 93 tackles in a great season for the veteran. (For some reason, he wasn’t voted to the Pro Bowl.)

In total, he played 91% of the team’s defensive snaps (third on the team) even though he only played in 16 of the 17 games. He added 131 special teams snaps for 1115 total snaps, which ranked fifth on the Bills’ roster and highest among defensive players.

The dude was everywhere. That’s why he wants a new contract. He was clearly a great value in 2021.

Buffalo Bills 2021 Best Values

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  8. S Jordan Poyer
  9. OT Spencer Brown
  10. RB Devin Singletary

Honorable Mentions