In remembrance of Marlin Briscoe

If you haven’t heard, Marlin Briscoe has passed away. Marlin Briscoe played Wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills from 1969 – 1971. Marlin’s accomplishments are numerous, which you can learn about from the CBS Sports article by Bryan DeArdo -

Marlin Briscoe, American pro football's first Black starting QB and member of undefeated Dolphins, dies at 76 -

A Denver Broncos article by Ben Swanson provides additional information & embedded articles to discover what a legendary man, Marlin Briscoe, was –

Mile High Morning: Remembering the trailblazing Bronco Marlin Briscoe (

From a Buffalo Bills aspect, Marlin still ranks #25 in Career Receiving Yards (2,171) for the Buffalo Bills. For Buffalo Bills players who have over 100 career receptions, Marlin Briscoe ranks #8 in Receiving Yards per Reception (16.3). Amazing, especially back in the non-passing football era!!

Take a moment of your day to learn more about Marlin Briscoe, do any Rumblers have a game / personal story that they would like to share about The Magician (#86)?


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