What is Edmunds worth to you?

Edmunds was Rumblings #2 best value in 2021 and, even though I'm not an Edmunds fan, I have to agree. He made a paltry - by starting LB standards - $2 million last season. This year he is getting north of $12 million due to the Bills picking up his 5th year option. Buffalo can either re-sign Edmunds or let him hit free agency, either with the intent to let him go or to let him set his market and then opt to match it a la the Jerry Hughes experience.

I don't think Edmunds is worth $12 million in cap space but he is clearly worth more than $2 million. Re-signing him to some back loaded deal with a couple of phony years could lower the 2022 cap hit but increase the cost down the road. With the Bills facing a number of other expiring contracts in the next year or two, I don't see re-signing him but other Rumblers value him more (or less) highly than I do.

As I thought about how much I would offer Edmunds if I were GM, I found myself getting to a teeth gritting phase and figured that was about my threshold. Basically I started at $2 million and added on a million to see if I was still fine with it before adding another million. Starting out at $2 million, I doubt any Rumblers would say that was too much.

So when do you hit threshold? At what point are you gritting your teeth and saying yes but no more? Because we don't have polls, I'll post comments ranging from $5 million to $20 million--as an average yearly amount without any of the cap space games GMs play. Rec whichever number has you gritting your teeth but still agreeing.

Please don't reply to the $ comments that I post so they run continuously, just rec whichever one. Instead, post your comment - and reply to the comments of others - by itself so any discussion doesn't end up making it hard to see the $5-$20 million list of comments.

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