Addressing Buffalo's qb problem in 23 draft

I find that I catch myself looking at our Bills roster and day dreaming of watching our team victorious week after week this coming year. After running through the NFL on the way to a SB championship only positions I feel needs addressing next year are wr,dl,s,iol and the most important position on this team, well 2nd most...back up qb. I would love the Bills to grab Jerkovic from BC in the 3rd or 4th round. I always trusted a backup qb that's a hungry up and comer over a journey man washed up vet. The nice part is it should be cheaper for the front office having a qb on a rookie deal and with plenty of exposure with the Bills beating up on afc east for years to come and mop up duty to be had they might turn a 3rd round pick into trade bait for a first rounder with the qb centric coaching staff. I'm sure competing against Josh won't hurt either. I'm interested in everybody's opinions.

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