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Buffalo GM says he’s spoken to Ryan Fitzpatrick about retiring as a member of the Bills

Is a one-day contract in the offing?

Former Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick announced his retirement last week, and while he played for 17 seasons, the longest stint he had with any one of his nine NFL franchises was his four years in Buffalo. To that end, Bills’ general manager Brandon Beane told reporters on Tuesday he’s had conversations about Fitzpatrick signing a one-day contract and retiring as a member of the Bills.

“If it’s something he wants to do, of course,” Beane said on Tuesday.

Beane was also careful to point out that Fitzpatrick may not want to alienate other fan bases. With that being said, Fitzpatrick has been effusive about his praise for Buffalo fans during his farewell tour on podcasts.

Fitzpatrick also bought tickets and travelled to Buffalo during this past year’s playoffs. He brought his two oldest sons on their annual playoff road trip to Orchard Park to watch the super-cold game against the New England Patriots and was photographed shirtless in the sub-zero temperatures along with his kids. So maybe there are some legs to this story. Now it’s up to Fitzy.