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Ryan Fitzpatrick: “Josh Allen is my favorite quarterback to watch”

Ours too, Ryan

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Making the media rounds on his farewell tour, former Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick made a stop on Adam Schefter’s podcast. Among a ton of great stories from his playing career and beyond were obviously fond memories of Buffalo past. An interesting wrinkle of Buffalo present and future also came up when Schefter asked who his favorite quarterbacks are to watch in the current NFL landscape.

“My favorite quarterback—and there is a bunch of young guys coming up where it’s amazing—but my favorite quarterback to watch is Josh Allen. The game is not supposed to be easy,” said Fitzpatrick laughing. “I promise it’s not easy and to anybody that has ever watched me play, it looks like I have to struggle to throw the ball ten yards sometimes. Some of these young guys that have come in, Patrick Mahomes, [Joe] Burrow... Josh Allen is my favorite because it looks effortless.”

Fitzpatrick didn’t stop there and simply praise what Allen is now. He also predicated big things for Allen in the future as he matures.

“He’s so talented and he still doesn’t know how good he is,” said Fitzpatrick, who obviously has a soft spot for Bills fans. “He’s just going to continue to get better but it doesn’t hurt also that he plays in Buffalo. It doesn’t hurt that he fits that city to a T, just in terms of the way he is, his demeanor, and I think a lot of it for him is he doesn’t even realize how good he is and he’s so humble that the work is always going to come and his teammates are always going to play hard for him.”

We know Fitzpatrick doesn’t have a problem rooting for Allen, either. He took his oldest sons to the playoff game in Buffalo this past January, and after the Bills scored their seventh touchdown of the game, a pass from Allen to sixth offensive lineman Tommy Doyle on a tackle-eligible, Fitzpatrick’s sons convinced him to take his shirt off with them and celebrate the cold and the game’s outcome.