Most likely New Buffalo Bill to make the Pro Bowl

So it's truly the boring time of the NFL season where nothing of note is happening until training camp starts unless you, like me, appreciate the irony of Mayfield leading a charity event while Watson is in hearing about what type of discipline he will get from the NFL for too many happy endings, while remembering the Cleveland Browns wanted an Adult playing QB for them.

So this leads to my boring question of who are the mostly likely candidate(s) on the Buffalo Bills Roster to earn their first Pro-Bowl Honors this season.

Current Bills who have made the Pro-Bowl.

Josh Allen

Stefon Diggs

Tremaine Edmunds

Tre' White

Micah Hyde

Do leave me dumbfounded as the how many snubs we have in the Pro-Bowl, but none of that matters now

The year is 2022 - The Bills are Super bowl contenders, dare I say favorites, there is no I in this team but there are players for damn sure.

Who are the first time Pro-bowl players?

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