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Re-analyzing the Buffalo Bills’ 2021 defensive takeaways: Part 3

Defensive domination, revisited: We go through the fumble recoveries and interceptions

Usually I try to find an excuse to make a highlight reel of takeaways from the prior season but why bother? Takeaways are fun. The Buffalo Bills are fun. Let’s enjoy some Buffalo Bills takeaways from the 2021 season with perhaps a sprinkle of analysis. Let’s enjoy the last of three installments highlighting the team’s 2021 takeaways.

Part 1: Weeks 1 through 4
Part 2: Weeks 5 through 10

Play 1

Turnovers are more likely when the opponent is on their heels, and that describes the New York Jets in this game quite well. Remember that there were two turnovers in the last segment of this series. With Buffalo up big, Mike White tries to push the ball downfield where Tre’Davious White looks like the intended receiver after tracking the ball in the air.

Play 2

It’s Levi Wallace’s turn but he has to take a different approach. Wallace shows off some brakes and Mike White shows off why throwing velocity matters. Wallace is able to come back and cut off the route, claiming the ball for his own.

Play 3

Mike White is pressured, the ball is not thrown accurately. Jordan Poyer is there to capitalize. As is tradition.

Play 4

Poyer again. This angle was my favorite as it shows the amount of ground Poyer can be asked to cover. He reacts quickly and precisely, which is why many people are saying “pay the man.”

Play 5

No discredit intended to A.J. Klein, but this pass from Cam Newton seems almost lazy. This angle shows that the intended receiver is closer than the broadcast suggests, but Klein is in the zone the whole way and Newton should know to loft this overhead.

Play 6

Micah Hyde shows off some ball-tracking skills on this tip drill.

Play 7

The game is much less close at this point and the New England Patriots need a miracle or three. The Bills have had a much better track record against these since the infamous play that won’t be mentioned.

Play 8

Greg Rousseau comes around the bend and greets Matt Ryan for a forced fumble. Buffalo has had years of evidence suggesting players are coached to attack the ball, and it appears Groot is catching on. Harrison Phillips is at the right place at the right time, and very quick to react.

Play 9

You’ve seen this play a million times and it needs no introduction. This might be the least-viewed angle, so here you go. Enjoy for another million more times.

Play 10

Matt Milano tips the ball thanks to being in excellent position in coverage. Levi Wallace shows off the brakes again to snatch the ball from the air.