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Buffalo Bills fans incensed by training camp tickets website failure

Bills fans are hot right now

Buffalo Bills fans logged onto the team’s mobile app on Thursday morning to secure tickets to training camp but most of them have found frustration instead of smooth sailing. Site crashes, long lines that haven’t moved, and the inability to complete a transaction for the free tickets has left the majority of ticket-seekers screaming into the void with no comment as of yet from the organization.

UPDATE: All tickets have been distributed.

At previous training camps, tickets were only required for certain night practices, but while trying to limit the size of crowds due to the spike in popularity of the Bills and potential COVID-19 concerns, every practice will require a ticket in 2022. Previously, physical tickets were handed out at sponsored local businesses or in an online format via Ticketmaster, but these are on the Bills’ mobile app. That has all led to the massive crush on the team’s website.

Buffalo Bills president Kim Pegula was hospitalized a little more than a month ago and we have received no update on her health status or who is acting in her place as we get closer to the start of training camp and the season (and as decisions are being made on the new stadium construction).

Some folks were able to get through and get tickets, some after multiple refreshes to their website, but the majority of fans responding to us on Twitter tell a different story.

We will share some of their tweets below.