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All-22 Analysis: Josh Allen’s 2021 passing touchdowns, Volume 1

There are many volumes. Many.

We’ve already covered Josh Allen’s rushing touchdowns for the Buffalo Bills during the 2021 season, but what’s a dual-threat quarterback without the passing? Well, buckle up. I was able to fit the rushing touchdowns into a single article. We’ll be breaking up the passing ones into five. Here we go with Volume 1.

Play 1

Allen’s first touchdown pass of the season to Gabriel Davis was simply ridiculous. It wasn’t the worst pressure Allen’s faced, but the left side of the pocket was rapidly dwindling. Allen couldn’t step into the throw and still threaded the needle where Davis could catch it.

Play 2

As Bills fans and analysts have known for a few years now, this is the real upside to arm strength—very rarely is it a 50-yard downfield bomb. This was credited as a five-yard touchdown as noted in the GIF. The quick math has it closer to 30 yards in the air. Also Allen was throwing off platform and across his body. This throw was even more ridiculous than the last one, in my opinion.

Play 3

The Miami Dolphins were trying to make sure Allen didn’t get an easy score with his legs, with two defenders breaking off to contain the run. This type of plan is one that hopes no one comes free. Dawson Knox did and Allen delivered.

Play 4

When Allen was making the decision to throw this, Emmanuel Sanders was pretty well covered. Allen counted on Sanders coming free and his calculations turned out to be correct.

Play 5

This isn’t the clearest GIF to be sure, but I wanted to capture as much of the field as possible. Washington had good coverage overall and Allen was starting to see heavy pressure. I think this play is a great example of maturation from Josh Allen’s early work in that he trusted Zack Moss to try making something happen and delivered the checkdown rather than taking off on his own.

Play 6

I don’t have a ton of analysis for this one except to point out that having chemistry and playmakers aside from the QB is important. It was a good play call and Allen executed but Dawson Knox needed to stretch a bit to make the catch. This isn’t a knock on Allen, as perfection can’t be expected.

Play 7

Another example of the importance of arm strength. Josh Allen threw the ball with Emmanuel Sanders still coming out of his break to the corner. I’d call that great anticipation. A slower throw would have potentially run the risk of Sanders running out of room, or the defender catching up.

Play 8

I like the pump fake, the quick reset, and then an incredibly accurate ball to Knox who stayed in stride for the score.

Play 9

I mean...not every throw has to be difficult, right?