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All-22 Analysis: Josh Allen’s 2021 passing touchdowns, Volume 4

Josh Allen: Touchdown Fury Road

Volume 4 of Josh Allen’s 2021 passing touchdowns wraps up the Buffalo Bills’ regular-season games. The great news is we have plenty to dive into as it relates to the playoffs. We’ll start this volume with Buffalo versus Buffalo South, aka the “Carolina Panthers” and roll through the second victory over the New York Jets.

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Play 1

I remember a long time ago doing an All-22 on “Early NFL career Josh Allen” and noting that I hoped he’d take a step forward with ball placement. I’m not sure what to call it precisely, but Allen took more than a “step” forward. Beyond a “leap” even. This throw isn’t even an anomaly.

Play 2

Here’s that same accuracy/ball placement but at much longer range. Josh Allen is lethal. Josh Allen with plenty of time in the pocket might be unstoppable.

Play 3

The rollout looks intentional to me, and the same goes for the line allowing some defenders free. Still there’s a Panther on the loose faster than I think was intended. No matter as this highlights another aspect of Josh Allen’s speed and athleticism. It’s hard to keep up with him and he can throw at a full run. Gabriel Davis just walks in.

Play 4

I point out it’s the first score of the game as well as circling the down and distance. It’s hard NOT to go for chances like this when you field the talent that Buffalo does. This is another needle threaded to Isaiah McKenzie.

Play 5

Buffalo was looking to pull ahead of the New England Patriots even further and Allen found Stefon Diggs in a sea of Patriots jerseys. Diggs proceeded to point to several Patriots fans and I assume tell them how he appreciated them coming out even though he plays for the rival team. If the down-and-distance marker didn’t tip it off, the touchdown graphics at the bottom of the screen here should do it. For whatever reason, the All-22 doesn’t exist for this game.

Play 6

This looks like it was designed to have a few options to it. The handoff option looked well-covered, and as Allen flowed left he maaaaaaaybe had an angle but it wasn’t a guarantee. The casual flip to Dawson Knox worked though.

Play 7

Josh Allen was running out of room to the sideline AND to the line of scrimmage. This throw was pretty nuts all things considered—it hit Stefon Diggs’s hands perfectly before he ran out of room as well. Baaaaaaaarely.

Play 8

We’ve seen a similar one before. The Bills were up enough where the field goal was fine, so on third down they called a safe play to avoid giving the ball back. The safe play is a pretty well-designed one though. Devin Singletary took the ball and did the rest with some help from his blockers.