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The Play That Defined the Buffalo Bills’ 2021 Season: Championship

Fanfare ensues

Now, I know the ACTUAL football season is...kind of a big deal. However, Plays That Defined might be the second most important season in all of professional sports. As this annual exercise comes to an end for the Buffalo Bills’ 2021 season, I wanted to do something a little different this year and take a look at the prior champions. Not only does this add unnecessary fluff to the article, but it might give a reference for the gravity of what you’re about to vote on.

2017 Champion

Kyle Williams

The year the drought ended was a roller coaster for Bills fans emotionally. A triumphant Kyle Williams scoring a rushing touchdown is an image that should stick with fans even if it weren’t enshrined as the Play That Defined 2017. Fans identified with the unbridled joy of this moment.

2018 Champion

Josh Allen Jumping Over Things

A star in the making. Josh Allen’s rookie season had a lot of reason for Bills fans to be hopeful moving forward, and this moment perfectly captured that optimism. Another iconic moment that will be etched into our collective consciousness forever.

2019 Champion

The Conversion

Optimism Josh turned to Bright Lights Josh in this moment. The will to not just compete, but dominate whenever possible is shown here beautifully. Josh Allen’s big moments started to become more routine. The legend was growing.

2020 Champion

THE Interception

For the record, this one was a bit more controversial with some saying voters got it wrong, but there’s always a case to be made. This play definitely highlighted the season Buffalo had, taking down a lot of top talent to get one game away from The Big One. Are you ready to vote?

2021 Championship Round

The Kickoff


You Can Run, But You Can’t Hyde

Every season has crowned an all-time memorable moment and there’s precisely zero wrong with that fact. This season will be no different with two going head-to-head for the crown. The Kickoff tells the sad tale of the eventual demise of the Bills’ season. Micah Hyde’s interception is a spectacular reminder that the AFC runs through Orchard Park now.

The Kickoff won the Away Conference title after taking down a highlight-reel touchdown pass to Dawson Knox. Not gonna lie, the images I’ve been selecting for this were all Josh Allen staring intently, as if waiting for his crown. I’m a bit shocked neither play remotely features Allen this season.

Micah Hyde went face to face with a Tremaine Edmunds interception for the Home Conference Championship. That went exactly as expected, with Edmunds receiving single digit votes in a historic beating. Nothing against the Edmunds one, but with two plays telling similar stories, you pick the one that is on permanent loop in our brains.

You have your work cut out for you as you vote for the Play That Defines the 2021 Season!


Which play wins the title/crown/belt/ring?

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  • 37%
    The Kickoff
    (131 votes)
  • 62%
    You Can Run, But You Can’t Hyde
    (220 votes)
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