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All-22 Analysis: Josh Allen’s 2021 passing touchdowns, Volume 5

Like Gremlins, post water

This is it, the final installment of Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen’s 2021 air assault on NFL end zones. When there’s 45 to work from, things can get a little out of hand—definitely in a good way for this topic. The final Volume is nothing but playoff touchdowns, which is pretty great. I hope next summer I’ll have even more work to do for this review.

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Play 1

I bet everyone remembers this one. The New England Patriots had everything covered well and Josh Allen was looking to throw the ball away. Dawson Knox said “I don’t think so” and put Buffalo on the board.

Play 2

This one starts off looking a lot like the one above, but the routes are mixed up a bit. The Buffalo Bills were settled in for this drive. The protection was better, Knox came open quickly, and Allen was able to make the tight throw quickly.

Play 3

Following an offensive pass interference flag, the Bills were going in the wrong direction. But this was the perfect game, so we know how it ended. Emmanuel Sanders came free over the top and Buffalo needed only one play to overcome the 20 yards to gain, and find the end zone. I debated about the angle for this touchdown as they’re all great. I’ve already used the sideline shot this year, and I feel the end zone angle (this one) does a better job of showing how tight this one ended up being. Not only did Allen need to get over the defender, Sanders was top speed and in danger of running out of room.

Play 4

I’ve mentioned Early Josh before in this series and this is a touchdown I’m not sure Early Josh makes. This is 100% about timing and ball placement, both things I felt Allen needed to work on his first couple years. Obviously physical talent was never the issue with throws like this—it was more about trusting what he saw and delivering calmly. We often hear about the game “slowing down” for veteran players and for Allen, these days it sometimes looks like he’s watching the game at quarter speed or something crazy like that.

Play 5

Tommy Doyle checked in as eligible for what looked like a heavy run package all the way. It was not. Doyle caught an easy lob and Buffalo was just playing games with New England.

Play 6

♪ And now it’s time for the Gabriel Davis show ♪

The Kansas City Chiefs are getting good pressure. Allen’s receiving options were overall holding their own, but Gabriel Davis was coming free for a possible score. Allen saw it and delivered.

Play 7

We all know how much I love the Pythagorean theorem to get actual throw distance. This was about a 58-yard throw in the air that hit Gabriel Davis in stride.

Play 8

I’ve seen receivers find a soft spot in the zones, but this was next level. I don’t think anyone expected Davis to be this open.

Play 9

Nothing of note happened after this play.

It’s been a fun journey! Soon enough we’ll see brand new touchdowns featuring Josh Allen! GO BILLS!