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Wingin’ It: Brainstorming for the 2022 season and memory lane

A double-duty article

Hello everyone! As the Buffalo Bills prep for the upcoming season, so do your favorite content creators. (Also non-favorites such as myself.) In grand tradition, I present my annual attempt to persuade all of you to give me ideas for the upcoming season of Wingin’ It. But first an important announcement and a stroll down memory lane.

Important Announcement

No, Wingin’ It isn’t canceled. The important announcement stems from the fact that the NFL schedule runs on a four-year cycle. What I mean is that every four years, your favorite team would have played all 31 other clubs at least once. The first Wingin’ It debuted in September of 2018, when the Bills opened their season against the Baltimore Ravens. I bet you’re all doing the math right now.

Yep. The Week 17 game against the Atlanta Falcons last year was the final new stop on the Wingin’ It tour—until the Rams change cities again at least. To celebrate the milestone, I wanted to list my favorite (sometimes only) recipe for each team. It was the most fitting way I could think of to show how far this project has taken us. Included are links to the original published recipes, just in case you want to revisit them for yourself!

AFC East

Miami Dolphins - Buffalo Bánh Mì
New England Patriots - Spicy Cupcake Frosting
New York Jets - Knew York Knish

AFC South

Indianapolis Colts - Spicy Popcorn & Top Secret Marshmallow Sauce
Jacksonville Jaguars - The Rider (the sandwich is lame, but the sauce is amazing)
Houston Texans - Jollof Rice
Tennessee Titans - Nashville Hot

AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs - Popcorn Chicken & Coconut Wing Sauce
Denver Broncos - Green Chili
Las Vegas Raiders - Gold Sauce
Los Angeles Chargers - Leftover Sandwich with Cranberry Wing Sauce

AFC North

Cleveland Browns - Stadium Mustard
Cincinnati Bengals - Skyline-Style Chili
Pittsburgh Steelers - Pierogi
Baltimore Ravens - Crab-ish Cakes (Featuring: chicken, no crab)

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys - Stuffalo!
Philadelphia Eagles - Cheesesteak
Washington Commanders - Deviled Eggs
New York Giants - Shish Kebab

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons - Peach Hand Pies
Carolina Panthers - Ex-Panther Sauce
New Orleans Saints - Thanksgiving Leftover Jambalaya
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Deviled Chicken

NFC West

Los Angeles Rams - Empanadas
San Francisco 49ers - Mission Burritos
Seattle Seahawks - Teriyaki Salmon
Arizona Cardinals - Cheese Crisps

NFC North

Minnesota Vikings - Hot Dish
Chicago Bears - Chicago -Style Hot Dog
Detroit Lions - Double-Decker Burger
Green Bay Packers - Buffalo Grilled Cheese


That’s not even half the recipes I’ve done for this series if you can believe it. I’ve added hot sauce to nearly everything I can think of and a fair few things you’ve all thought of on my behalf. In order to keep it going and growing, we need even more ideas. Feel free to shoot me some in the comments, via email at or on Twitter if you can stand me on that platform.

What are the rules? None. We’re done with them. We’ve done at least one signature from every other team in the league. I’ve done a beef on weck inspired dish, as well as a loganberry one. I’ve done desserts, name it. Toss out an idea, and maybe I’ll mad science it to oblivion for the upcoming season of Wingin’ It!