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Top 10 Buffalo Bills 25 and under — No. 10: OT Spencer Brown

The team’s athletic right tackle steps in at number ten

We’re counting down the best, most important, most impressive early career Buffalo Bills. These players are the closest thing to a “farm system” for an NFL team, and ideally they’re playing major roles in the team’s success. For every Von Miller the team’s signing in free agency, they’re only able to work that tactic by supporting him with a handful of younger, cost-controlled players.

Checking in at the tenth spot on the list is an offensive tackle with a ceiling as high as his 6’9” frame can reach.

The list so far

Honorable mentions: Boogie Basham, A.J. Epenesa, Zack Moss, James Cook

Number 10: OT Spencer Brown (turned 24 on February 28)

Spencer Brown wasn’t supposed to start games as a rookie. The Bills were fully prepared to run back the 2020 offensive line, re-signing Jon Feliciano and Daryl Williams in the offseason. But Brown’s athletic ability was immediately apparent in training camp, and that gave the coaching staff confidence to make him the swing tackle right away. When Feliciano suffered an injury, Brown rotated into the right tackle spot and held onto it for pretty much the rest of the season.

A bout with COVID-19 and the typical rookie wall led Brown to a less impressive performance down the stretch run of the season, and he was also assessed for seven penalties in his ten starts. Going into year two, he needs to clean up his technique, especially in pass protection, and keep leaning on that athleticism and power. If he does, he can leap up this list in the next season.

Brown has all the potential in the world, evidenced by his incredible feats of measured athleticism during the pre-draft process. But because of his lack of consistency in the first season of his career (and more than his fair share of injuries), he hasn’t yet climbed up the ranks ahead of some of the upcoming players. Stay tuned to see where everyone else landed.