NFL Musings and Observations (I’m bored)

I’m a firm believer that boredom is good. I know that’s blasphemy for an American to say as entertainment is at our fingertips. No time in human history has so much information been at our fingertips (and people refuse to read it and just learn from a simple google search instead of believing a meme) that it feels bad to just say im not doing a thing. Boredom allows clarity as our thoughts begin to calm. No longer are we beholden to the idea of "rush creep". This is my theory about how so many people rush from one aspect of their loves to another. Inter reflection doesn’t exist in this belief system. Always onto another and another. Boredom is the key, allow for that reflection and you see where you can improve.

So what can I reflect upon with the Bills:

1. Ever notice the Bills really struggle as of late with second round picks? After Dion Dawkins I can’t think of a 2nd round pick that really stands out. Maybe it was a bad fit, or the Bills have a different belief that isn’t jiving for second round picks. What I do know is that the Bills I believe got it right with James Cook. I believe the Bills with Cook went exactly for what they wanted, nothing more and nothing less. We want a RB/WR mix and Cook is just that. Also, Shakir in the 5th round is exactly that as well but a little more on the WR spectrum of the offensive weapon scale.

2. It is easy for Sean McD to be hit up from quite a few fans for the losses. Why do I say this? Well he’s not flashy. He is a business professional and unlike other coaches who have had less success he doesn’t get the leeway for some. People like personalities, Regis was on TV for how long? Could they of found a better host? Perhaps but his personality kept him on air. McD doesn’t have that, but as some hit him up let’s remember without JA17 he took a team to the playoffs in one of the final years of the 6 seed standard. Further, he help develop JA17 and was heavily involved in helping build the roster.

3. Was Dawson Knox a mirage? Many could make this argument but I’m not. Knox when he is on the field changes the dynamics of the game because he is physically gifted enough to really put LBs and Defensive Coordinators into conflict. Offenses are built on making teams be in conflict. The more conflict the open the windows become. Knox can run past many of the LBs in the league, but with the Bills weapons you don’t really want to push down a safety on him. The scheme alone is what gives Him the chances, his ability is what makes him capitalize on it.

4. Elam is starting week one and let’s just not go with the whole he has to earn it. The Bills with Tre White having the injury return may not want to have him go full blown but more so Elam, has the tools to play. His knocks were not physical but play style. That is corrected with coaching. What I do know is physically he reminds me of Jalen Ramsey.

5. Ken Dorsey is going to really bring in the play action this year. I believe this because when he played college for the Miami Hurricanes they believed in play action, hard play action. Looking back at how players will bring in systems into the coaching look at Andy Reid and his branch of west coast and spread, that was learned and he was a lineman in college.

NFL Musings:

1. Browns managed to look like worse jokes than when Hue Jackson was the Head Coach. So they trade and sign a huge contract to for all evidence shows at best the most idiotic pervert in league history or at worse a sexual predator who uses his clout and power to coerce sexual favors. Then, he may be suspended for a year or at least 8-9 games, and Baker Mayfield is like damn bro, that sucks, don’t call me. It’s so bad the Browns still want to trade Baker but teams are just refusing so they have to eat his contract basically to avoid an already toxic locker room. The Browns everyone.

2. Ravens also have issues because I love Lamar however I don’t love the reviving corp and if Lamar can’t run they can’t win. Is this Lamar? Probably not, Greg Roman has some issues as WE know from his time in Buffalo. I understand the Ravens were hobbled a lot by I juries last year but I do believe that is going to be an issue.

3. Fans around the league can’t be using the JA17 excuse if their QB looks bad early on. JA17 was so physically gifted his job could be explained because wow, he jumped over an All-Pro LB in Anthony Barr in his second pro start. Unless your QB be doing that, no comparison. JA17 is a QB talent that has limit comparison. Better prospects? Yes, but not physically gifted better.

4. One of the biggest issues for New England was slow LBs last year. There response bring in Mack Wilson who runs a 4.71 40 yard dash. Am I picking on the Patriots? A little because that isn’t a good 50 time for a LB, more of just an average time. Actually the average time for LBs is 4.64 and Wilson is below average. Why is this important? We’re watching a slow and kind of funny slide to irrelevance in New England. It seems like they’re content to do what they have always done, but let’s remember that it’s been a good minute since they have won a playoff game. The last two playoff games they were spanked. The offensive Coordinator is, shuffles deck, Matt Patricia?

5. I got the Dan Snyder is creepy, but why is congress investigating him? Can’t another agency which has authority to prosecute be doing it?

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