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Re-analyzing the Buffalo Bills’ 2021 defensive takeaways: Part 1

Defensive domination, revisited: We go through the fumble recoveries and interceptions

Usually I try to find an excuse to make a highlight reel of takeaways from the prior season. But why bother? Takeaways are fun. The Buffalo Bills are fun. Let’s enjoy some Bills takeaways from the 2021 season with perhaps a sprinkle of analysis. By the way, this will be a series of three articles. There were way too many to fit into one with all the fumble recoveries and interceptions.

Play 1

Levi Wallace shadows his first responsibility, then breaks off at the top when the receiver hits the next zone. One thing we might miss with Wallace is the play-recognition skills he shows off here.

Play 2

The second takeaway against the Miami Dolphins in Week 2 comes courtesy of Taron Johnson windmilling his opponent like a video game. Matt Milano is the first to reach the ball.

Play 3

Former Bills TE Logan Thomas catches the ball and the play looks promising until Tre’Davious White slows him down enough for Jordan Poyer to use the hit stick, knocking the ball loose. Milano is the first one there again.

*Text originally credited Tre White, thanks to Dustin Olin Sr. for the catch.

Play 4

When you have a ball-hawking secondary against a quarterback who might not be able to deliver the ball all that quickly, it can be a bad idea to telegraph where the ball is going. Jordan Poyer sees the “open” man call for it, and the rest is clear. Assuming you read the article title anyway.

Play 5

A little pressure and a lot of traffic result in a Micah Hyde interception.

Play 6

One of the reasons Buffalo loves Tremaine Edmunds is his coverage ability. Edmunds nearly runs the route for the receiver and I don’t think anyone is getting the ball in through that window.

Play 7

Houston is trying to get anything going, but A.J. Klein tips a pass right into the hands of Micah Hyde.

Play 8

Cam Lewis finishes off what Tremaine Edmunds started. After the ball comes loose, A.J. Klein is in there for the ball.

Play 9

Even Jaquan Johnson gets into the act, stepping in front of an underthrown ball and making sure Houston can’t get on the scoreboard.

Play 10

Houston has one last chance to get a score, but this perfectly captures how their day went. Tyler Matakevich doesn’t need to do much but reach. When half of our first ten of these come from one game, it goes a long way in explaining how the Bills’ defense shut out the Houston Texans.

See you next time, for Part 2!