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Re-analyzing the Buffalo Bills’ 2021 defensive takeaways: Part 2

Defensive domination, revisited: We go through the fumble recoveries and interceptions

Usually I try to find an excuse to make a highlight reel of takeaways from the prior season but why bother? Takeaways are fun. The Buffalo Bills are fun. Let’s enjoy some Bills takeaways from the 2021 season with perhaps a sprinkle of analysis. This is the second of three articles. There were way too many to fit into one.

Part 1: Weeks 1 through 4

Play 1

Special teams isn’t often in on the turnover action, but when they are it’s marvelous. The Kansas City Chiefs have a lane for a good return but a solid hit from Siran Neal dislodges the ball for Andre Smith to recover.

Play 2

Patrick Mahomes looks for one of his go-to guys in Tyreek Hill. Micah Hyde is already closing in to limit the gain when the ball bounces into his hands for a pick-six.

Play 3

Greg Rousseau channels his namesake of “Groot” and extends to tip the ball...right back into his own hands. Bills fans will not be disappointed if Rousseau continues to find ways to do this.

Play 4

At this stage of the game the Chiefs needed 18 points in under four minutes. Sure, six drives multiplied by 13 is only 78 seconds, but I don’t like their odds of getting all those onside kicks. Anyway, a botched snap put the ball on the ground. One “Yakety Sax” performance later and Tre’Davious White fell on the ball, securing the Bills’ victory.

Play 5

I mentioned in my recent piece about Tyrel Dodson’s claims regarding Tremaine Edmunds that teams rarely attempt deep passes against Buffalo. Jordan Poyer shows you why right here.

Play 6

The Miami Dolphins are looking for something to happen before the half ends, and mistime the direct snap. Micah Hyde scoops it up and the Bills deny Miami yet again.

Play 7

Poyer again demonstrates why throwing deep middle is often a poor decision against Buffalo.

Play 8

I’ll still stuck up for the Bills’ defense against the Jacksonville Jaguars. On this play—the only Jags turnover of the game—Jerry Hughes frees the ball. Levi Wallace finds it.

Play 9

It was a rough day for Mike White who opened up his Peterman-esque performance by throwing this ball seemingly right to Taron Johnson.

Play 10

How bad were the New York Jets in this game? We’ll see Mike White next time when we conclude our three-part series. For now, enjoy the forced fumble and recovery courtesy of Micah Hyde.