Fans camping notes: Saturday 7/30

I went to St. John Fisher University and took in practice on Saturday with a few buddies of mine, here's just a few observations:

  • If you go and you're prone to burning wear sunscreen. SPF of 50 should be fine. When there aren't clouds the sun is blazing and there is little shade opportunities.
  • Don't park in a Bill's sanctioned lot like I did, there are plenty of homes by the University that you can park, and it'll be worth the price paid while eliminating a middle man.
  • If you want to break out in the shout song you can. But it happens a lot less often then it does at a Bills tailgate.
  • Ok football notes: OMG Josh Allen in shorts (the real America's A$$) and a visor, Stefon Diggs in shorter shorts and wait, OMG he's wearing a visor too, don't pass out...
  • We were behind the offense and WR's at practice, Chad Hall earns his paycheck, that man is always coaching his players up.
  • WRs looked good in 1:1's, Shakir and Stevenson and McKenzie especially caught nearly everything thrown their way. Stevenson and Shakir disappeared a bit in 11-on-11s
  • Singletary looks shiftier and just better running the drills then the rest of the running backs, but Moss played well. I think Singletary's got a way of slightly leaning away from the defenders he's passing and he takes sharper angles while shifting, and that makes him hard to tackle.
  • Those extra padded helmets look dumb, but LB's TE were wearing them too, not just the linemen.
  • OJ Howard did nothing to stand out
  • Allen was hit or miss, I think he's trying to really make his WRs fight for the ball. Which is good.
  • Both backup QB's looked like backup QB's, making a couple of standout throws, but mostly junk. Let's hope Allen doesn't go down for significant time.
  • Having a child with you is good for getting the main guys to sign your stuff. The 12 year old right next to me got a Diggs Sig, but Diggs walked right by me like I wasn't there.
  • Don't get food there, there are great bar and grills about 12 minutes away from camp.
  • Bring a numbers list. I can't remember the # of times I asked my buddies if they knew who #5 and #10 and #80-something were. No programs handed out unfortunately.
  • The fight was a big much ado about nothing. The D had to be edgy because they had just given up a 15 yard Allen scramble a minute earlier, and obviously they aren't allowed to touch him, or even sneeze on him.
  • The fight ended practice. But HCSM made all the players run sideline to sideline a few times as a punishment for Philips bumping Allen. It was great to see all the players do the run in unison, even some of the coaches and waterboys jumped in. Sure, they didn't go all out on their punishment and "running" is a very generous word for it, but it was the end of practice.
  • All observations were biased to my position and what I saw, but trust me, on the sunscreen.
  • Really if you want more in depth stuff, go read Matt Parrino or Sal or someone.

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