Training camp 8/01

Figured I’d give my thoughts as I haven’t been to a camp practice in 5 years so it felt completely new.

-I parked at Pittsford Sutherland and used the shuttle and honestly it was great, got right on and right off for $1 and it took no more than 15 min both ways.

-Sunscreen is a must as there is little shade. That sun will bake you and I feel for those players but hey that’s what they are paid to do.

-Josh can rip the ball and had such a tight spiral it’s cool to see that close. Keenum looked okay and Barkley was just awful, it really is quite the talent drop off from tier to tier.

- Gabe Davis looks big and has great hands, I’m into the hype.

- Rousseau, Edmunds, and Spencer Brown stand out amongst other giants. Oliver looked great but I was surprised at how small he looked. I know hes a smaller DT and clearly it’s working for him.

- Josh ripped a pass over the middle and Edmunds plucked it with a great set of hands, nice to see!

-Knox dropped a TD on a really nice route which I really hope doesn’t continue, Howard looked very mediocre.

-The fight didn’t seem all that bad but I did see some punches thrown which should never happen.

-I’m pretty sure it was Dawkins who caught a tipped pass and ran it all the way into the end zone complete with a front flip which the crowd loved. It was the highlight of the day as everyone loved seeing a big man hustling down for the score.

-Josh snuck over to one side after practice and signed autographs and my nephew got one and I loved that he was telling people only for kids. Sure if l could get him to sign I’d love it but my nephew was sooo happy and you just love seeing kids have that experience and Josh gets that.

-One dude wore a Mahomes jersey and Chiefs hat and he was getting tons of looks and comments. Obviously he knew what he was doing but really dude just get out of here

-It’s very neat to see guys up that close, I hope they continue to come to Rochester so I can take my kids when they get a little older. Go Bills!

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