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Cheap Thrills: Don’t rule out a Buffalo Bills preseason game

What a bargain!

Despite how rabid the fans of the Buffalo Bills are, attendance figures aren’t immune to the preseason slump. Ol’ Skare is here to convince you to consider pitching a couple of bucks toward One Bills Drive to catch the Bills in (half-speed) action. As far as cheap dates go, this might be upper tier.

How cheap are we talking?

For preseason, the secondary market is always your friend. Buffalo has two home games this preseason. Let’s check in on them both and see what the current price of admission is, as of the time of this writing.

For the Indianapolis Colts, you can get in the door for as little as $5 right now. Keep an eye on things, because it was $3 not that long ago. Sure those are nosebleeds, so what’s the cost of better seats? Wanna listen to the sideline chatter? You can get close enough to the team’s sideline to make that feasible for as low as $70 bucks (and upward to about $120). Wanna heckle Frank Reich? You can get reaaaaal close to the visitor’s sideline to see the Bills legend turned head coach for under $100.

What about the Denver Broncos? That’s a little more pricey right now, but $13 is hardly exorbitant. You might pay more for parking than tickets. The Bills’ sideline is pretty similarly priced right now to the Colts game, but fewer options. On the visitor’s side, you can get close enough to see Russell Wilson for as low as $70.

Why should I go there though?

Sure, it’s not the excitement of these games that count. And yeah, the team isn’t playing to its full potential, but that’s part of the charm. While the regular-season games are more exciting, there’s a certain magic to the casual and relaxed atmosphere of the preseason. No pressure—just sitting back and hanging out while enjoying your favorite NFL team.

The preseason is also less crowded and generally more family friendly. It’s the perfect way to break in new fans, or a fun family friendly affair. Don’t forget, the Broncos game is also Kids’ day, with special attractions and concessions.

So why not? Go and enjoy a preseason game!