What it's going to take for a perfect season

Yes, Josh Allen can do something that hasn't been done since before he was born, or even before Tom Brady was born! Win every game on the schedule. Well, I was thinking, what's that going to take? Now in 2022, i didn't look up the '72 Dolphins because the game has matured. This isn't based on any data, but is based solely on the thoughts in my head. Here's my blueprint..

  • Limit significant injuries. Let's face it if Allen goes down on offense, they are very likely to lose a game or two in his absence. While most other positions on this team can receive a temporary patch if something goes wrong, having all your starters out there most of the season is key. At least one team is going to have their season derailed by injuries, let's hope it isn't Buffalo.
  • No offensive regression. I'm looking at you Ken Dorsey. And don't get too cute either like Brian Daboll did from time to time. Don't have any tells, like only playing Gilliam or Moss on running plays.
  • No defensive laps. I don't need to rehash this one.
  • Punt God. Getting us out of jams with a well timed 80 yard-punt will be nice to see.
  • Don't overlook a team just because they suck. Like black lives, every team on the schedule matters. Jacksonville anyone?
  • Don't be tied to success of any one player, go with what works! If the d-line runs best with Miller, Phillips, Oliver and Shaq Lawson use that lineup more often than you planned on.
  • Hope the other team has no post season aspirations in game 17. Yes beating a perfect team will be motivation enough for Bill Belichick, The Patriots being 9-7 and fighting for that last playoff spot will not be ideal.
  • Take advantage of the schedule. Sure it's tough, but there are things to take advantage of like extra rest days, the day with the farthest travel is the first day, so the players should be over any effects of West Coast travel that has plagued us in the past.
  • Bass connects on 85% of scoring tries. Hopefully more like 90%. That said, Josh Allen and company should not settle for a lot of red zone field goals. Right, coach?
  • Why not us? Play like the front-runners you are. Things aren't always gonna be easy, and many Bills fans will think it's heresy to even whisper that their team is gonna win it all but it can happen.

There was a 35-year drought between Triple-Crown winners in racing. The perfect season can happen, and I'm optimistic enough to think that this year's Bills team can do that.

*I don't believe in curses. Curses are dumb.

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