FanPost Top 100 Players runs a "Top 100 Players" each year. Apparently it is voted on by the players. So, according to and the players, Von Miller, Mr. 115.5 Career Sacks & 2 Superbowl Championships, as well as the greatest Madden commercial ever, is rated number 93/100. Not too shabby I suppose when there are 1696 players on active rosters, not including practice squad players and vets that are hanging around waiting on a call. So Von is the first Bill to crack the list at 93, but then I see a true paragon of talent and potential: the wonderful, the insurmountable, the peerless, MacCorkle Jones. He who won a game against Buffalo in the snow when his coach trusted him to throw Three whole passes! If that isn't an indicator that this man has the cannon arm equivalent of the Ace of your favorite little league team, then what is? We know Hoodie loves strategy, but only three passes is an indictment on your quarterback's ability to throw into a stiff breeze.

In summation, a Hall of Fame dude with plenty of tread on his tires is somehow less talented and rated below the NFL quarterback equivalent of Tugg Speedman (3rd runner-up sexiest Man alive 1998). In other words, Von Miller is a 1st Ballot Hall of Famer and Mac Jones is just another also ran whose resume reads "drafted in the first round" and "destroyed in his playoff debut while completing a gorgeous interception to Micah Hyde."

This top 100 Players is a joke, period.

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