Eight Wide Receivers Make the 53

I was just going over BuffaloRumblings latest attempt at a 53 man roster and I have some differences including major changes in how the Buffalo Bills have built their 53 in the past.

QB: 2 - Josh and Casey - Casey had better look way better next week or it could be Matt Barkley time or even a waiver-wire pickup…

WR 8 - Diggs, Davis, Crowder, McKenzie, Shakir, Kumerow, Austin, Hodgins. Not only do the Bills decide to go four deep at outside WR, they never forget special teams and keep both Austin and Kumerow.

TE:2 - Knox and Morris. Let’s face reality. We only have two if that. You pick your roster according to the talent and the talent is at WR not TE.

RB : 5 - Singletary, Cook, Moss, Taiwan, Reggie…Gilliam is really the 2nd TE and FB, Taiwan this is a super STs roster., Devin is the main man again.

OT: 4 - Dawkins, Brown, Quessenberry, Doyle. Dion, don’t get sick again.

C/G: 5 - Morse, Bates, Saffold, Ford, Mancz Kromer improves Ford.

DE : 4 - Groot, Von, AJ, Boogie. We will have Practice Squaders that can fill in if necessary.

DT: 4 - DaQuon, Ed, Settle, Jordan. Again our practice squad will have players that can help out if needed.

LB: 6 - Tremaine, The Cookie, Spector, Bernard, Matakevich, Dodson - I almost went Joe Giles-Harris here instead of Matakevich to save some dough but we have a rookie Special Teams Coordinator so I’ll stick with the vets. But here is a lot of the core.

S: 4- Jordan, Micah, JaQuon and Hamlin. Too much talent for Nick McCloud to overcome….

CB: 6 - Tre, Dane, TJ, Kaiir, Christian, Siran… First time we keep six and they make us awesome!

ST: 3 - Reid, Bass-o-magic, PG.

We ought to have a great Offense, Defense and Special Teams. I think that’s our best 53 if you consider we can keep pretty good DL on the PS…. Maybe Beane can find another TE next year? Consider it took us about 60 years to get Knox… The only TE of note drafted by the Buffalo Bills….PS - Thurman Thomas was clearly the key to the K-gun Offense. It should be fixed historically… From now on I’m calling it the T-Gun…..

Go Bills!

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