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Bills linebackers coach Bobby Babich loves the jugs (machine)

The former defensive backs coach is bringing the jugs machine to Bills linebackers

Syndication: Democrat and Chronicle Shawn Dowd / USA TODAY NETWORK

The jugs machine isn’t just for wide receivers and defensive backs. Bobby Babich, who took over as linebackers coach for the Buffalo Bills after his father (Bob Babich) retired, has found the machine useful for his group, too.

For a player such as linebacker Tremaine Edmunds, this can be especially helpful. Although he stands out among his teammates with his 6’5”, 250-lb frame, the fifth-year linebacker out of Virginia Tech is often criticized for not making enough “game-changing” plays on the field.

Coach Bobby Babich is hoping to change all of that for Edmunds and the entire linebackers group by having them work with the jugs machine. In the above video, Tremaine is shown practicing with the machine by catching the football in different ways, including making diving leaps for it.

Whether or not Babich’s idea will translate to more turnovers on the field remains to be seen. However, it certainly doesn’t hurt to try.