So can the NFL and the NFLPA stop pretending now

So multiple news outlets are reporting that the NFL and the NFLPA have agreed to a "compromise" suspension for Deshaun Watson.

Looks like Watson will get an 11 game suspension and will pay a fine of $5M which will go to some charity or something.

In the end that means he will be out ~$632,500 in salary, plus the fine will still earn $45.3M this year based on his remaining salary and signing bonus plus the remaining aspect of his contract with $184M guaranteed remains in place.

I am not sure I can fully express how much contempt I have for Watson as a human being. I fully believe that he took advantage of his position of power and assaulted multiple women. I don't need a court of law to make my feelings known on this.

What I do see is that in this agreement the NFL an the NFLPA should stop pretending they care about women, or exploitations of women. They clear do not. What they care about is a guy who is damn good at playing quarterback, be allowed to keep play, be allowed to keep getting paid crazy amounts of money, regardless of how much of lowlife human he is.

All this at a time where the NFL is trying to appeal to more women to increase their fan base. NFL should have just let this one play out, they may have been sued by Watson and the NFLPA, who would have lost in court.

At least I don't have to watch this lowlife play this season, the 11 game suspension will take them past the Bills vs. Browns game and hopefully there is Karma and the Browns fall apart this season and win less than 5 games.

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