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Bills WR Gabe Davis tells Rich Eisen Josh Allen’s a man who can’t be stopped

Rich Eisen wanted to know what it’s like to play with Josh Allen and Gabe Davis was there to serve up some answers

NFL: Buffalo Bills Minicamp Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

A team knows it has itself a star when other people begin to wonder what it would be like to play with them. That’s exactly what happened on Monday when Buffalo Bills wide receiver Gabe Davis joined the Rich Eisen Show to talk about quarterback Josh Allen.

Eisen asked Davis, “What is it like being in the huddle with Josh Allen? Can you walk me through that?”

Davis responded by calling Josh a competitor who wants to win and stating that everyone must be ready to go when he comes in the huddle and calls a play. He also complimented the QB by saying that everyone trusts Allen to lead them to victory and relayed his excitement for the upcoming season.

Eisen then wanted a description of the confidence level the team feeds off of when they’re “cooking.”

“You can see it in the way he plays once he gets in a rhythm and understands what’s going on. He’s a man who can’t be stopped and again like I said, I got all the trust in the world when I have 17 on the same side as me on the field,” Davis answered. He also made Eisen smile when he quipped that Josh Allen “freaks people out” when they have to go against him on the road because he’s “dangerous.”

Finally, Eisen asked, “Did you have a good view when he jumped over the entire Kansas City Chiefs defense in one moment?”

This question elicited a series of laughs from the wide receiver. “He has at least one hurdle a year,” said Davis, who apparently had a great view of that particular play. In fact, he didn’t even say anything to Allen afterwards about it because, in Davis’s words, “it’s just expected.”

Check out the full video below: