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Jordan Palmer chats with Rich Eisen about Josh Allen’s development

Why was Josh Allen a late bloomer in football? Jordan Palmer discussed this and more on the Rich Eisen Show.

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Jordan Palmer, former NFL quarterback and current Director of Quarterback Development for the XFL, appeared on the Rich Eisen show this week to talk about the development of Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen. Palmer has worked with Allen in the offseason throughout his career.

The full video can be watched below or you can read the recaps.

The future of evaluating quarterbacks

The first thing Rich Eisen wanted know was if Josh Allen will change the way quarterbacks are evaluated. Without hesitation, Jordan Palmer answered that he does believe change will happen. “He’s already changing it. I’ve actually spent some time this offseason going around to different NFL teams and speaking to the Scouting Departments on that,” he said.

Going back further

Palmer believes that in order to properly evaluate a QB, one needs to “go back further” and look at what he had around him at an early age. He calls Josh Allen a “rare one” because he didn’t have elite-level quarterback training like many of the young players have today.

How much better can Josh Allen get?

Palmer begins the answer to this question by stating that players like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning (who have all won MVP) had full seasons in which they played well. He recalls the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers last year where the team “stubbed their toe” and Josh Allen had a few bad throws. Palmer expects Allen to have a season like the aforementioned players this year.

What Josh Allen means to Buffalo

Rich Eisen is impressed with the way Josh Allen handles expectations of him and told Palmer that he has no concern about that going forward. “It’s a little different in Buffalo. People write things like “our savior.” I never saw a player that important to a community,” Palmer responded. He then said that he knows a ton of amazing players that he doesn’t believe could handle that kind of attention.