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Despite gang-rape allegations, Matt Araiza set to play Friday against Carolina Panthers

The Bills have known of the allegations for weeks.

When news broke publicly about the gang-rape civil case being filed against Buffalo Bills punter Matt Araiza on Thursday, the simple question would be to ask “What’s next?” According to Tim Graham of The Athletic, it’s business as usual for the Bills.

“Araiza traveled with the Bills to Carolina and is expected to play tomorrow night,” said Graham on Thursday.

The team has known of the accusations since last month and cut their other punter, Matt Haack, earlier this week. The team didn’t make up their mind today or yesterday about Araiza playing in the preseason finale. They’ve known for weeks.

Because the alleged incident happened when Araiza was in college, he is not subject to league discipline. The team can release him for whatever reason they choose, but it’s unlikely he would receive other types of discipline from the team such as a fine or suspension.

Criminal charges are also still pending against the former San Diego State punter. The local police department in San Diego has just wrapped up their investigation and turned over the evidence to the district attorney.