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Bills WR Tanner Gentry suffers multiple injuries in second quarter

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Tanner Gentry suffered both a knee and hamstring injury following a play during the middle of the second quarter against the Carolina Panthers. The broadcast cameras showed Gentry sitting on the sideline in visible pain, talking with trainers.

It’s unclear if the pair of injuries are to the same leg, and the type of knee injury was not specified at reporting. Sudden bursts of speed and changes of direction mean hamstring injuries are fairly common for professional athletes in the beginning of a season, especially when teams travel to more tropical locales.

Gentry has a long road to securing a spot at the back of the wide receiver room, so these injuries certainly hurt his chances to make a strong impression ahead of the Bills’ final cuts to 53 players. Josh Allen played collegiately with Gentry, who spent the 2021 season with on Buffalo’s practice squad.

We’ll update with further information on Tanner Gentry’s injuries as news becomes available.