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Director Kevin Polowy talks Bills with Mark Wahlberg, Kevin Hart

When Buffalo native Kevin Polowy sat down with actors Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart, he had to let them know that his Bills were taking it all this year.

Syndication: Democrat and Chronicle Shawn Dowd / USA TODAY NETWORK

Kevin Polowy, senior correspondent/host for Yahoo! Entertainment and director of movies such as Badfish and A Diamond in the Buff is pretty outspoken about his hometown Buffalo Bills. In fact, he recently sat down with actors Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart and the three of them had a conversation about his beloved Bills.

“I know you guys are fans. Who’s winning the Super Bowl this year?” Polowy asked the two.

While Kevin Hart enthusiastically responded that the New England Patriots are going to take it all, Polowy had other thoughts. “Objectively speaking, it’s not just because I’m from Buffalo, but it’s going to be the Buffalo Bills,” he stated matter-of-factly.

“The Bills are looking pretty good,” Wahlberg chimed in. “I mean just between the quarterbacks, you know you got Josh Allen, you got Patrick Mahomes.” He basically was saying that there are so many good quarterbacks in the AFC.

“But,” Hart interrupted. “This is a scary time for Josh Allen. Last season ended with such a bang for Josh. He has to show up this season as a premier quarterback. He’s gotta show up and show out.”

Bills fans everywhere will be proud of how the clip ends. “We’re going upside down on the Patriots. Just prepare for 50 years of misery at the hands of Josh Allen,” Polowy told the actors.

Watch the full clip below.