Less cover 2 more man to man

Since McDermott has been here the cover 2 has been his defense. I truly believe he wanted the Bills to be that 2012 Panthers D he had. I call it the Tampa 2. If your not blessed with 2 good Dt's that push the pocket as well as protect the lb"s makes it hard to run. Throw in having a mlb like Luke covers up for a lot and makes it work. When you don't have the pieces it's a bend but don't break D. Last yr we played a lot of average to below average qb"s. When we faced good ones we got exposed, minus the 1st KC game. That's why that #1 rated D was so misleading. With the parts we have now we have to attach more. That's more man to man. With cb"s we have we can take more chances. Also get the best pash rushing unit out there on sure passing downs. The rotation thing is good more for Dt's. Because for the young guys only getting 12 snaps a game. How can they work on there technical moves. I think if AJ was brought in on passing downs he would be farther along. He's not a ever down guy. Not saying he can't play the run. But some guys are better at certain things. Also use Edmunds as a blitzer more. When he attacks and doesn't have to think so much he's a better player..Not saying abandoned the cover 2 all together. But with the different offenses in the AFC this yr. We have to be able to do more then an occasional blitz. We have to be able to get to the qb.

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