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Bills preseason video analysis: TE Quintin Morris

The up and comer

With the preseason concluding and rosters trimmed down to 53 players, there’s always at least a mild surprise or two. I noted in snap counts after Week 2 of the preseason that it was intriguing how Buffalo Bills tight end Quintin Morris got the start ahead of Tommy Sweeney and O.J. Howard with the absence of Dawson Knox. This point of intrigue—as I called it—was pretty prophetic as Howard was released with Morris sticking on the roster. The second-year man has gone from undrafted to on the roster of a Super Bowl contender. Let’s check in on Morris against the Carolina Panthers in Preseason Week 3

Play 1

For our first look at Quintin Morris, he sets the block up on the opponent’s shoulder and allows him to continue moving left, which is of course away from where the run is going. The block isn’t perfect (see the end) but it’s effective with a solid start.

Play 2

There’s not a whole lot of targets for Morris to work from but let’s try anyway. This route is fine but Keenum is a hurried a bit. Another half second and Morris is coming open for an easy completion. The diving attempt doesn’t quite get there in time but it’s a good effort and promising.

Play 3

This is more about the play design than it is Quintin Morris. While it looks a bit like they’re leaning toward max protect, Buffalo sends nearly everyone out on a route. The play doesn’t go toward Morris, but this is pretty cool to see Ken Dorsey throwing in some wrinkles early.

Play 4

Not every play was great from Morris, and here’s an example of one that didn’t go his way. The initial swim move isn’t a clean victory to the right side of our screen, but if the play had gone that way I don’t like Morris’s odds. The play flows inside though, and Morris is unable to counter to his left and allows his man to get to the play and make the tackle.

Play 5

Some plays went really well for Quintin Morris. Really well.

Play 6

Last but not least, his lone catch from the game. The route is solid. The catch is good. What’s impressive is the balance after contact.


Quintin Morris didn’t put up too many highlight-reel plays but was certainly solid. The Buffalo Bills made their thoughts on Morris clear by releasing O.J. Howard. They must feel Morris is at least solid in order to make the veteran Howard expendable.