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Josh Allen to appear on new show ‘Kyle Brandt’s Basement’ every Tuesday

Josh Allen will join the new podcast hosted by Kyle Brandt every Tuesday

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Carolina Panthers Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Brandt of Good Morning Football recently started up his own YouTube show and podcast aptly named Kyle Brandt’s Basement. Buffalo Bills fans might want to check it out because every Tuesday, quarterback Josh Allen will be a guest on the show. You can listen to the full podcast by clicking the link in the Tweet below.

The episodes should be a fun listen as they discuss everything from music to movies and of course, football. In this clip, Josh Allen tells Brandt that Von Miller likened each week of football to making an album, where each game is a new song.

“Von Miller actually spoke to the team last week and he talked about making an album,” Allen said. “Every week is a new, different song that we’re trying to put on this album.”

When asked what kind of song they’re looking to add for track one, Allen responded, “The thing is, most people have in their albums now intros and you kinda skip those. We don’t wanna skip this one. We want this one to play out so the album’s gonna be set on the first track. We gotta go out there and try to put our best foot forward and try to win a football game.”