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Bills vs Rams All-22 analysis: Josh Allen’s passing TDs vs LA defense

The first three passing touchdowns of many this season

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen got the 2022 season rolling with three passing touchdowns in the season opener against the Los Angeles Rams. Here’s an All-22 view into how each of those touchdowns went down.

First Touchdown: WR Gabriel Davis

From the end zone view, you can see that the Bills line up in a “tackle over” formation using 22 personnel (2 running backs, 2 tight ends). Spencer Brown usually plays right tackle, but on this play, he lined up to the left of Dion Dawkins. This leaves guard Ryan Bates and tight end Dawson Knox on the right side of the line. This creates a run-heavy look to the left side and also a short edge for Josh Allen to eventually bootleg around on the right side.

Gabriel Davis is motioned inside and the play starts with a great play-action fake from Josh Allen. Davis sells his crackdown block on the defensive end just long enough for the Rams' defensive backs to bite on the run and then he releases to run his route (the only player on the Bills running a route this play). Josh Allen then boots to his right benefitting from the short edge on the right side and puts it on Davis for a walk-in touchdown.

Second Touchdown: WR Isaiah McKenzie

The Bills start in 11 personnel (one RB, one TE) with McKenzie in the right slot. At the snap, McKenzie starts his route with a stutter step. During this quick pause in his route, his defender takes a step to the outside, which gives McKenzie inside leverage... game over! A quick grab of the snap and throw by Josh Allen put McKenzie in the end zone for the score.

Third Touchdown: WR Stefon Diggs

This 53-yard touchdown is pretty simple. “Josh told me to just run,” Diggs said postgame, and that’s exactly what he did! “Just run” what a brilliant concept! Allen said the Bills “felt like their corners were really looking at the quarterback.” As Josh Allen rolled to his right you can see cornerback Jalen Ramsey peaking at the QB as Stefon Diggs sneaks behind him. Josh Allen showed off his arm strength throwing 55 total air yards while on the run. The only question about this play: What do you think Diggs said to Ramsey after the touchdown?


Josh Allen started the 2022 season with three passing touchdowns. He’s now on pace for 51 regular-season passing touchdowns this year. Think he’ll get there?