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Rams CB Jalen Ramsey changes his tune on Bills QB Josh Allen

Jalen Ramsey gave his new opinion on Josh Allen after the game on Straight off the Press

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Los Angeles Rams Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey called Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen “trash”? After Thursday night’s beatdown by the Bills, it seems as though Ramsey is changing his tune a bit. On Straight off the Press with Jalen Ramsey, the CB had some positive things to say about the Bills, their fans and, of course, Josh Allen.

“Bills Mafia, they travel for real. Bills Mafia get crunk,” stated Ramsey. “They hated me for awhile after that article with Josh Allen years ago. They the real deal.”

Yes, yes we are.

When asked about Josh Allen since they’ve played against each other a few times now, Ramsey responded, “His growth has been crazy. Usually I think about QBs like Josh Allen who went to small schools like Wyoming, they’re in essence, I would say, like a project. So I feel like they drafted off of potential. He’s like 6’6”, 260, got a cannon. Even the touchdown he threw on me. He was scrambling up in the pocket and just flicked it and it went 50 yards!”

Ramsey then said that with anyone else, he’d be able to pick them up and slam them to the ground, but not Josh Allen. He’s too big.

“He’s a monster. He’s got all the intangibles, got the size, can run the ball, got the big arm. He’s like one of them projects who turned out to be the real deal,” gushed Ramsey. “They hit on that project.”

Check out the full video on YouTube below.