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Bills vs Rams: Next Gen Stats shows brilliance of Josh Allen to Stefon Diggs 53-yard TD

Newsflash: Josh Allen is VERY good at football

We’ve all seen what Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen can do on the field week in and week out. That includes last Thursday, when Allen embarrassed the defending Super Bowl Champions, the Los Angeles Rams, totaling over 350 total yards and four total touchdowns.

There are plenty of plays that Bills Mafia can’t stop talking about but the play that sticks out the most is the 53-yard dime to wide receiver Stefon Diggs over cornerback Jalen Ramsey, which increased Buffalo’s lead to 31-10. Not only do we now have the meme of Diggs patting his head at Ramsey, but there are also some very unique stats for Josh Allen.

Per Next Gen Stats, Allen tied Jared Goff for the fastest time to throw in Week 1 at 2.47 seconds, which marks his second-quickest time to throw in his career. Not only did he have the fourth-best completion percentage over expected (CPOE) of his career (12.3%) but also faced a career-low pressure rate (9.1%).

The addition of Aaron Kromer along with plenty of depth pieces could turn out to be a very underrated move for the success of the Bills aside from the obvious improvement to the pass rush.

The stat that really stands out: Allen was traveling 13.6 MPH when he threw the 53-yard TD pass, the fastest a QB has been recorded running on a completion of at least 50 air yards during the Next Gen Stats era (since 2016). His pass traveled 51.2 air yards—the most of any completion in Week 1 and most of any TD in his career.

We’re used to Allen balling out and stiff-arming grown men, but it seems like he sets the “The first player to ever...” type of records every few games.

So...what’s next, Bills Mafia?