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ESPN crew wants you to tailgate with them Monday afternoon after their chicken wing tour

Monday Night Countdown is emanating from the parking lot.

NFL: NOV 26 Bills at Chiefs Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Prior to Monday’s prime-time game between the Buffalo Bills and the Tennessee Titans, ESPN’s film crew decided to check out the wing scene in the host city. Laura Rutledge, Mina Kimes, and Dan Orlovsky filmed their wing tour as they started on West Ferry Street at La Nova Wings, who touts themselves as having “the best wings anywhere” and is throwing a $5000 wing eating contest before the game.

And, of course, the locals weren’t afraid to offer up their expert advice on where the crew should head next or what flavors and dipping sauces they were missing out on. Rutledge shared a TikTok video of the crew’s experience via her Twitter account and the replies are worth a read if you are looking for advice on where to eat pre-game.

The video pans in on Orlovsky who, hold on to your wing hats Buffalo, is “hating on Blue Cheese.” In fairness to the man, he was trying a Barbecue wing rather than a hot wing, and after dipping it and cautiously tasting it, he admitted that “it’s not gross” followed quickly by clarifying that the wing itself was pretty good.

However, Orlovsky quickly switched back to his preferred dipping sauce and instantly smiled and proclaimed that the wings were “so much better with ranch.”

Rutledge, who did not specify which dipping sauce—if any—she preferred, gave La Nova’s Buffalo-style wings a score of “9/10” before the crew headed to their next stop.

On Genesee Street, the crew went straight to Macy’s Place Pizza where they were given several flavors of wings and pizza to try.

Inspecting a Honey Bourbon Barbecue wing, Kimes laughed as Orlovsky encouraged her to try a “big bite.”

“I’m trying to eat gracefully on camera,” she laughed before giving up on her attempt to eat wings neatly.

Rutledge declared that she was on her 12th flavor as she tried a Cajun Rub-flavored wing while Orlovsky grabbed a lemon-pepper flavored wing declaring that it was the wing that best matched his personality.

While none of the crew would declare their favorite flavor, or even their favorite place to kick back and enjoy the local flavors, it was obvious that they were enjoying their time in Buffalo before getting down to the business of football on Monday night.

The three members of the NFL Live crew along with Marcus Spears will be in the camper lot for their show at 4 PM Eastern. You can head over and join them.