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Bills vs Titans: Tennessee pass rusher Harold Landry tore his ACL this week

Josh Allen will have one less thing to worry about when the Tennessee Titans visit Buffalo

The Tennessee Titans will be without their top pass rusher when they face the Buffalo Bills in a couple weeks. Harold Landry was injured during Wednesday’s practice. On Thursday the news no one wanted to hear was confirmed; about one week prior to the regular-season start, Landry has torn his ACL.

With the Titans since 2018, Landry had a breakout season in 2021, earning his first Pro Bowl nod and a contract extension from Tennessee. Landry led the team with 12 sacks last season. Two of those were takedowns of Josh Allen, a tidbit I’m sure we were all eager to check in on.

Landry also had 22 quarterback hits with two of those on Josh Allen as well. Add in 14 tackles for a loss, 51 solo tackles, and one forced fumble and that’s a pretty solid year. Tennessee won’t be devoid of talent, but will need to be creative in order to make up for the loss of Landry.

The Titans will come to town on September 18 to take on the Bills for Monday Night Football. While there’s a small chance Landry could play this season, it won’t be in Week 2.